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The mission of the School of Marxism Studies is to fulfill the teaching of compulsory classes of ideological and political education for all the undergraduate students and post graduates as well as to accomplish the scientific research and academic programs of Marxism theory awarding the first-rank discipline in the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB). We also devote to serve the community by providing perspectives and consulting with the advantage of the academic research.

The school consists of 5 Institutes; such as Institute of Principle theory of Marxism, Institute of Sinitization of Marxism, Institute of ideological and political education, Institute of history and culture, Institute of Science and Society. The school also sets up a series of research center, such as" USTB Research Center of Ideological and Political Education Development of Chinese higher school students ", USTB Students Affairs Research Center , USTB Anti-corruption Policy Research Center。The Training Center for the Student Affairs Practitioners of Beijing is also affiliated to the school.

There are 35 faculties in the School of Marxism Studies, which includes 13 professors, and 15 associate professors. School faculty members are distinguished scholars who share a deep and abiding commitment to research and teaching. There are one Beijing Municipal Distinguished Teacher, One National philosophy and social science leading personnel, 2 Outstanding Teachers awarded by Bashan Steel and Iron Company, one Member of Marxism Discipline teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education, one selected candidate of the Ministry of Education of "New Century Excellent Talents Support Program”, one Excellent scholar of USTB.

The School offers one professional master program degree in the field of students’ affairs practitioner of higher education, 5 master level programs and a doctoral program, and an undergraduate degree program. The 5 master level programs includes Basic Theory of Marxism, Study on the Sinitization of Marxism, Study on Foreign Marxism, Ideological and Political Education, Scientific Philosophy, of which 4 programs belongs to the first-rank discipline of Marxism theory, while the Scientific philosophy in the field of philosophy discipline. A doctoral program of The Ideological and Political Education is also offered. Although the experience of admission of undergraduates program, such as Ideological and Political Education, has been a prosperous memory in the history of the development, the restoration of the undergraduate program of Ideological and Political Education (non-major degree) of 2015 can be called the millstone for the development of the School. Aiming to foster compound talents full of creative spirit, persisting in combining theory with practice, the school has cultivated a great number of talent for society, and most of whom achieved in the profession of higher education, government servant and secretary of state-level enterprises, which enjoys high reputation in the society.

The Ideological and Political Education is selected as the Municipal cultivated key discipline in Beijing. The school has been awarded one provincial level teaching team, one national level excellent Course for teaching achievement. The school has undertaken five research Programs sponsored by National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of China. The research mainly focus in the following fields, such as Study on the Ideological and Political Education of the Higher Education, Social ideological mainstream and the Youth education, Innovation spirit and Young talents cultivation, Study on the Sinitization of Marxism, Social ideology of socialism and culture study. For the recent 3 years, the school had published more than 20 academic books and more than 100 papers on national periodicals, undertaken more than 30 research programs of provincial levels. The academic research and teaching achievements have won more than 20 national and provincial prizes for the school.

In this era of globalization, the arena of professional practice is an international one. We are quite aware of the global collaboration, and seeking for the long-term run partner for the collaborations of student exchange, academic exchanges and scientific research all around the world.